Israel has overcome many of its water challenges by adopting a holistic approach to water consumption that encompasses robust resource management, high-tech development and public education.

Water technology for agriculture
In the 1950s, an Israeli engineer and inventor developed the first modern drip irrigation system to help farmers cope with the arid climate and water scarcity. Since then, Israel has developed agricultural technologies to improve water usage and conservation to achieve the goal of growing more with less.

Innovation and desalination technology
The realities of water scarcity and drought have driven innovation in conserving, recycling and desalinating water. Today, more than 85% of Israel’s domestic wastewater is recycled and used for agriculture and, as a leader in desalination technology, Israel has the world’s largest desalination plant, giving the country a water surplus.

Water technologies developed in Israel are helping countries around the world to cope with desertification and shortage of water.

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