Drought management programme

The integrated Drought Management Program (IDMP) is co-hosted by the Global Water Partnership (GWP) and World Metrological Organization (WMO). The programme’s objective is to support stakeholders at all levels by providing policy and management guidance and by sharing scientific information, knowledge and best practices for Integrated Drought Management. The IDMP is strengthening collaboration among the expert institutions globally, regionally and at the country level, in order to improve drought management focusing on the three pillars of integrated drought management i) drought monitoring and early warning systems; ii) vulnerability and impact assessment; and iii) drought preparedness, mitigation and response.

An integrated drought management Help Desk managed by a joint WMO-GWP Technical Support Unit draws on the collective expertise of over 30 expert partner organizations in supporting countries to mitigate drought risks and prepare for droughts. The Help Desk provides an “Ask” function, offering a point of contact to expertise, a “Find” section providing tailored access to the most relevant existing knowledge resources, and a “Connect” facility, providing an overview and a connection to ongoing initiatives.