Youth for water and climate

Convinced that once youth are fully equipped to realize their potential, they can become creators, leaders, and entrepreneurs in addressing the challenges of the sustainable management of water resources in a changing world and global climate – youth from more than 20 countries decided to be part of COP 21.

Supported by numerous partners, they issued a White Paper with over 50 recommendations based on realities from the field from all continents.

The paper focused on four key areas where youth felt they could do something to address climate change: water and agriculture, water and health, water related risks, and sharing water resources.

This vision was acknowledged by several government officials in several countries, including the President of COP 21. This then became a commitment made within the “Paris Pact,” and youth from many countries immediately began implementing actions at their level after COP 21. Youth for Water and Climate Initiative’s (#YWC) ambition is to augment this youth-originated momentum.

#YWC applies a three-fold approach to upscale the concrete implementation of the Youth, Water and Climate COP 21 White Paper. Based on the challenges faced by youth when developing and implementing projects, support will be provided to youth in developing concepts and proposals, in fundraising, as well as in promoting contributions to SDGs and climate agendas.