The SDG 6 support programme

The SDG 6 Support Programme (SDG6-SP) facilitates a coordinated approach to the monitoring and implementation of IWRM and leverages SDG-6.5 as an entry point to help realize SDG 6 and other water-related targets.

Coordinated by the Global Water Partnership in close collaboration with the UN Environment-DHI Centre and UNDP Cap-Net, and within the framework of UN-Water’s GEMI initiative, the SDG6-SP involves a diverse blend of partners representing governments, civil society, and the private sector. In the spirit of SDG 17 on Partnerships for the Goals, the SDG6-SP is built on a flexible approach that combines partners’ knowledge, expertise, resources, and networks to advance sustainable development.

The GWP SDG 6 Support Programme has been under development since the finalisation of the SDGs in 2015. The programme is anchored within, and contributes to, GWP’s overall 3-year work programme (2017-2019) and 6-year Strategy (2014-2019) and will form a key component of subsequent work programmes under the new strategy starting in 2020.

  • Organization: Global Water Partnership