WaterAid: Sustainable services

As a member of the global initiative known as Agenda for Change, WaterAid has the ambition of promoting the collaborative behaviours required by all actors working in the global WASH sector for sustainability to be achieved. Sustainable services is a cornerstone of their new global strategy and WaterAid addresses the sustainability crisis through targeted action at different levels:

  • At the international level WaterAid advocate for greater political prioritisation for WASH, greater service sustainability, better use of existing finances coupled with new funding sources, and a commitment to monitoring for improvement.
  • At the national level WaterAid work in partnerships to achieve strong institutions that are accountable, responsive and well-coordinated. This involves strengthening key sector building blocks, including sector policy, sector coordination, sector finance, frameworks for regulation and accountability, performance monitoring and mechanisms for review, learning and adaptation.
  • At the local level WaterAid support local government and service providers to ensure every household and public institution (e.g. schools and healthcare facilities) has access to inclusive services that last. WaterAid work in rural, urban and peri-urban settings, using a holistic District-Wide Approach (DWA).

Organization: WaterAid