The SDG policy support system

National policy makers responsible for water from environmental, socio-economic perspectives have the challenge of putting Sustainable Development Goal 6 into action, and of measuring and reporting on their policy and implementation progress.

United Nations University – Institute for Water Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH) and partners have developed the SDG policy support system (SDG PSS) to allow governments to measure and report on the progress of six policy critical components for SDG 6. The data that are targeted by the SDG PSS are water-related, but cover a range of policy-critical themes, including gender mainstreaming, financing, disaster risk reduction/resilience mainstreaming, capacity assessment, and policy and institutional assessment.

The SDG Policy Support System (SDG-PSS) is now undergoing trial in five countries: Republic of Korea, Costa Rica, Tunisia, Pakistan and Ghana. It is also freely available for trial, use and review by policy makers, international organisations and water experts. The UNU-INWEH team aims to work with all interested governments and experts to evolve it into a collaborative system that serves the needs of water and development agencies worldwide.

  • Organization: UNU-INWEH